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black flags over to iraqi cities with thousands of refugees fleeing the impending bloodbath as the u.s. backed counter attack on the insurgent forces. in syria. opposition groups. are growing divisions among those. threatening the. us the backing of. all time with. politicians affecting the way people see the common currency as they look for replacement. being a major concern of the upcoming winter olympics in sochi we take a look at how the host city is making sure athletes and spectators are protected.
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seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly. thousands of iraqis are fleeing their homes in the anbar province which is turned into a war zone after al qaeda linked militants took control of the two cities. yet failed to retake the occupied territories that have been declared an islamic state by the militants as the iraqi military gammas its forces for a decisive assault. looks at what is empowering the extremists in the region. they run on chaos emboldened by the fighting in syria these al qaeda linked militants overran parts of iraq including the city of fallujah. we have said earlier that the serious story should and will actually go into iraq and this is
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what we were warning about chaos in neighboring syria deepened as the u.s. and its allies threatened the syrian government sending the signal to the rebels to fight on to the detriment of a political outcome islamic groups have now taken over the opposition movement there and have even chased the western backed leader of the free syrian army out of the country to be snatched either leave it alone because if you kick it they're going to come out and bite you and that's what we did when we invaded iraq you know three and it can bite not just somewhere far in a war zone but here in the u.s. american intelligence and counterterrorism officials now say islamic extremist groups in syria with ties talk to a recruiting and training americans who have traveled there to get them to carry out attacks when they return home there are dozens of extremist islamist forces that are operating both inside syria and over the syrian borders iraq has been
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a breeding ground for extremists since the u.s. invasion now residents of fallujah and other parts of the country are bracing themselves for the iraqi army's assault as it attempts to drive militants out of seized areas the u.s. is supplying hellfire missiles and other weapons to help the iraqi government in the fight the last thing needs as more missiles we heard the u.s. government say they best summated al qaeda is needed but the groups that continue their cause expand and what they thrive on best is chaos the worst part chaos to iraq and syria washington support for armed opposition has benefited extremists in washington i'm going to. article. the jihad is behind the occupation of fallujah and ramadi are the infamous islamic state of iraq and the levant is one of the most powerful al qaida branches estimated to be six thousand strong with it cells threatening the entire region well the organization was formed by sunni insurgents
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in april two thousand and four a year after the u.s. launched its invasion of iraq many members of the group are fighting in syria against assad and their forces rapidly gaining influence among the radical elements in the devastated country even lebanon has suffered from the group's activity with it being behind the latest bombing attack in beirut and this kid igor he's a former danish intelligence officer who served in iraq believes the country's army won't be able to wipe out the extremist forces in my opinion. has never been on the run it might have been downscaling due to pressure but once this pressure is lifted the organization is back in full force and it uses these. pauses to to regain its strength the fighting ability of the of the isis for instance is very strong but very contained. to localized battles and one thing the isis and the rebels has is staring at it they want to continue fighting and the iraqi army
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really hasn't got a chance to fight these militias. and to or to redick ate them. meanwhile in neighboring syria the strength and al-qaeda linked groups of led to growing infighting between once allied rebels fierce clashes between rival opposition factions have killed at least seven hundred people this week almost one hundred of them are believed to be civilians who were executed by militants from the islamic state of iraq and levant well the outbreak of a civil war within a civil war has prompted some western politicians who previously rooted soley for assad's removal to change their stance now here are just some of their latest statements for you former cia director michael hayden he said the assad regime is beginning to look like the lesser of all evils the former u.s. ambassador to syria iraq and afghanistan ryan crocker agreed that assad is not as bad as as you heard is russia has long been warning of the threats some opposition groups in syria pose and foreign minister lavrov has welcomed the realisation of
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this in the west well infighting within the ranks of the syrian rebels is threatening the russia u.s. brokered peace conference that's to listen two weeks from now the world's top diplomats from paris at the moment to pressure syria's main opposition group the syrian national council into taking part but michel chossudovsky is director of the center for research on globalization i spoke to him earlier he says talking to them is not going to solve the issue of terrorist groups flooding syria. the syrian national council is virtually a defunct organization in effect we have to. ask the question is this a civil war between opposing factions within syrian society or is it in fact a war of aggression western leaders are now becoming very aware of the consequences of what's happening on day it's interesting to hear that many are suspecting now that sad may be the lesser of all evils as we just heard
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a little earlier and yet to today's friends of syria meeting that was a very different word a message coming from the french foreign minister during that meeting he said the following let's have a listen to what he had to say. but. contrary to what has been stated we don't have the asad regime on one side and terrorists on the other it is the regime that is fueling terrorism. so it sounds regime is fueling the terrorism what do you make of that well i the these are cynical statements the western military alliance has been recruiting right from the outset and it's confirmed by numerous. reliable sources including israeli intelligence these jihadi us forces operatives of the western military alliance we must understand that the western military alliance also has blood on their hands
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it's not simply an issue of of identifying terrorists we have to identify the people who are behind these terrorists. support for the e.u. and some of the worst of sturdy hit european countries is plunged drastically in the past five years it actually comes from a new regional poll the study suggests the tumbling approval rating is linked directly to the budget cuts and economic worries take spain for instance where public support is at a record low or island which is just successfully exit it it's been a program. despite that the aftertaste of the easiest era to dictate is still driving the numbers down here a skeptic u.k. used to top the critics list with only around the third actually backing brussels but now it's even lower than that dropping down to less than thirty percent well if money makes the world go round and so it seems developed has and mary maria for notion that reports now from paris on the system of aiding the cowboy bankers
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there are these colorful rich tangle inodes and not money but they have a real value you can go shopping with these bills in your wallet pay for dinner at a restaurant. the idea of alternative or so-called complimentary currencies that people of businesses agree to use for transactions within a particular area a district quarter with just a street may look like something from a kid's game but the reasons behind it are far from child's play you know his per pratique first project local currencies stay within the region development second ideological a lack of confidence in official currencies make people want to have something they understand that they can control and that they can trust and not just something that is printed you don't know how with new control and leads to speculation alternative forms of money have a history stretching back decades and appear to be growing in popularity especially
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in tough financial times of them there isn't enough of a bang splay a lot with money and often risky games but at the younger of the day ordinary people have to pay for mistakes and losses this is why people want to have a currency they will be sure will serve them and not go disappear somewhere in fiscal paradises global finance system so banks today's mazed famous headline grabbing alternative currency is the digital big coin but there are dozens of others and he's world wide in france europe's second largest economy people exchange services and goods via at least twenty different types of complimentary currencies and their numbers are growing. the slain is behind once that project the monthly outside paris she says she never considered pain with anything other than euros until the advantages of an alternative became clear. bothered as with the euro is that it is definitely not just a mode of exchange but it also became
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a mode of speculation to feed banks while local currencies support local projects and develop a real economy on the ground which means it works for us the people. now because restaurant is part of the project and only the flower shop and the supermarket it is wrong. here. there are people in the world of finance that will nothing else but to make people pewter all for their own benefit why should we allow them to do that this sticker indicates this restaurant accept cash the red wings the fish a no peach in french but also energy and the slogan was over your c.v. is used to express someone is in good health and full of energy which the local currency is here in france certainly seem to be experts claim complimentary currencies will never replace an official one however if trust is undermined it hard enough and conventional money people may start looking for
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a different type of change brief notion r.t. from france. you're watching the weekly and coming up here a lot of international water that makes the land the boil oil and gas conflicts will take a back seat in the future because experts predict as populations rise it will be blue gold but the fights will be over also. japan becomes a fertile ground for the far right with calls for foreigners to leave and for the army to be ready to go into action if the need arises all the details later in the program. the first security is being beefed up in sochi the host city of the upcoming winter olympics tens of thousands of police officers have been deployed there and access to the area is strictly monitored ortiz paul scott takes a look at what else is being done to keep the games safe. the twenty second olympic winter games in two thousand and fourteen. to defeat b.
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of thirteen. as soon as russia's black sea resort was awarded the game seven years ago. as a question the choice of host city such as close proximity to the volatile caucasus region was they argued a cause for concern. and the recent twin terror attacks in volgograd some seven hundred kilometers from sochi every ignited some of those worries organizers say security has been their main priority since day one from the very beginning of the construction phase. made those with months to prepare the special measures to stop them from this green in all their all materials checking in all the venue and preparing incredible measures of the security to provide this safe environment here with less than a month to go now until the games begin tight security measures are already in place around forty thousand police and security offices are expected to be on
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patrol for sales of dangerous hunting equipment but by and for the duration of the games there's also a controlled stretching sixty kilometers along the coast and twenty five kilometers inland and encompassing all venues. in terms of security so it is a special case because this whole area is authorized is it is only there are security details from a number of countries including the u.k. and u.s. working here. and those security forces will be coming together to protect places like this is the brand new purpose built train station in the olympic village is going to be one of the main transport hubs during the games moving thousands of spectators with the bulk of the work now complete with all venues and transport networks built and tested sochi is now just waiting for the sporting world to descend. altie. and all the highlights of the olympic torch relay across russia
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and beyond are on our website right now dot com you can look for the follow feet flame section will be back after a very short break with a story of cooling relations between washington and afghanistan a couple stools essential negotiations over a security deal off to american soldiers kill a told the mistaking him for a jihadist. if you. know opportunity. to start to construct your own. kill want to be a bit give don't want to be gangsters you don't want to be drug dealers they don't want to blow with all the time that a kid came to be we can see. you just means a hundred dollars
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a night in the hood with a thirty round clip. but i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young he. says the media leave us so we leave the baby. by the scene potions to cure the other party visible. issues that no one is asking with the guests that deserve answers from. politicking only on our team. washington's hope of signing a new security agreement with afghanistan before presidential elections there is likely to be shattered that's according to america's top negotiator the deal if
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signed with a portion of u.s. troops to remain in the country after the official withdrawal later this year otherwise afghanistan may be left to deal with the taliban on its own relations between washington and karbala been aggravated recently after american soldiers killed a child mistaking him for a militant well former british left tenant colonel richard williams says it's now crucial how the afghan government copes with internal problems. i believe that what we tried to achieve is to set the conditions whereby an afghan government can deal in a nonviolent way with all of the groupings involved including the taliban if those conditions are set and it should be here and what we're likely to see. a compromise between what kabul wants and what the taliban wants which will see a afghanistan model along over the next period of time perhaps the next ten years
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but that in itself won't be any great strategic victory if we want to call it that or any great strategic outcome. from on line news for where we've got the story of focus she has radiation spreading even further despite efforts to contain the hazardous leak reading as if it eight times the japanese government safety standards even at the edges of the contaminations. plus tens of thousands of fingerprints of u.k. students are collected in school databases with belts and the consent causing outrage among civil liberties organizations and parents you can more learn more on this on like. what you're going to watch these. days i think people.
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are going to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. oil and gas conflicts will be superseded by water wars in the future that's the warning from experts and as the world's population grows access to clean water resources is rising in price now let's have a look at this map here these blue dots mark the places where conflicts over water disputes have taken place since the one nine hundred fifty s. now these include small protests as well as more serious large scale clashes that have been one hundred seventy eight disputes and the number of such hotspots is rising one example is the tension in the middle east where the struggle for water is a key issue in some ongoing conflicts on his part a slip reports. the bible tells us that within a short distance from here jesus turned water into wine two thousand years later
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the great american might be turning the wine back into water bubby carballo has been living in the golan heights for over thirty years each day he attends to his vinnie arden orchards keeping his wine in a center that was once a syrian bunker he is proud of the wine he produces but knows that in the absence of water none of this would be possible but i know you question me waters important because it's the second main resource that we have other than the land each crop needs water and without it you will destroy all the crops and destroy all of the farming here you can turn the golan heights into a desert and it's not just about the golan heights rainwater from its catchment feeds into the river jordan providing a food of israel's water supply the disputed region was seized from syria after the six day war and residents of the golan remember that water was a key issue in the conflict and one of the stands here understands the importance
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of the work that all the water supply of israel because every door was raining here all but one is prone to the security of guarding the food we can say that it is a must. respect the prisoner to have football over what the fox says it's a worldwide rule that whoever controls the water controls the land but the problem is in some places there's very little water to go around bring you have the common waterfalls shared by several sovereign nations is always a possibility of a clash of interest conflicts that should be manageable was put out of control and examples of possible conflicts are plentiful syria's major water sources travel through turkey and iraq making it vulnerable while jordan is reliant on a river with syria bowl today egypt. also recently expressed concern over countries using the upper now to generate electric power in the dry landscape of the middle
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east water is a prize more precious than diamonds in its absence famine and drought are quick to follow but this is a region that very seldom needs an excuse for war and water shortages might just tip the balance here r.t. in the golan heights it's now take a look at some other world news the police in egypt of tear gas are supporters of the alpha for the mohamed morsi during clashes that curry's main universities nineteen demonstrators have been detained and several injured in fresh outbreak of violence comes just two days before a planned vote on a draft constitution more than one hundred fifty thousand troops from god polling stations amid fears of more protests by pro morsi. to australia now and out of control bushfires raging in the western part of the country threatening both lives and properties and emergency warning has been issued for several suburbs officials say fire brigades will be unable to reach some remote areas and are urging people
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to do whatever they can to protect their homes. to spain more than a dozen people have been injured twenty three detained when a protest in its northern city of burgas turned violent people were forcing the anger over higher rents and developers forcing out poor residents police resorted to rubber bullets after protesters talk rubbish bins and vandalized banks and shops the rally followed friday's clashes over corruption claims surrounding a new boulevard. some of these authorities are to provide food water and medical treatment to the crew of a russian fishing vessel caught up in a weeklong diplomatic spat over the seizure of the trawler the ship with eighty two crewmembers on board was taken over by force with reports of illegal fishing but with no official explanation from dhaka moscow has called it an act of piracy greenpeace stepped in and sided with senegal provoking russia to accuse the african countries government and. acting on a tip off from the environmental group russian diplomats are trying to steer the
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crisis towards a diplomatic solution to allow the crew to walk free. nationalism seems to be on the up in japan with far right groups protesting against immigration and demanding a reinforced ami. the rhetoric is forcing some difficult questions. it's become a tradition in japan when some foreign officials are subjected to verbal abuse on this particular occasion japanese nationalists made their feelings known loud and clear to russia's foreign minister china and south korea have also been in their crosshairs one for an island dispute the other for sending too many labor migrants to japan you know the latest protests korean workers were described as cockroaches which needed to be exterminated this man is one of those behind the nationalist rallies in japan he says he'd like to see japan a more closer citee one and all the water we've been to open to the world now
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foreigners come here and commit crimes i want us to return to pre-war period where we were closed and self-sufficient despite criticizing the government for its immigration policies the movement could not be feeling more comfortable since twenty twelve when she was reelected as prime minister such rallies have been on the rise. those are not only foreign nationals and delegations getting the stick from japanese nationalists there are locals who have directly suffered from their country becoming more far right these school teachers have been protesting because they lost their jobs for not complying with what they call ultranationalist regulations in schools. should be made as an obligation to listen to the national anthem before classes until my pupils spawn of who were not even japanese and it wasn't obligatory to stand up and then i got fired but it's not only about instilling national pride speculation is rife that with all this stronger japan hype is eager to amend the nine hundred forty seven constitution namely article
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number nine which braves japan from having any kind of army other than for defense purposes. in the increasingly intertwined world we can ensure the peace of our nation without proactively taking a role in the peace and security of the world why don't we take steps forward on the issue of constitution amendment but not everyone is buying it and more far reaching goal could be reshaping the regional balance of power. has been dogged among high profile politicians including former prime minister is launching a public debate on whether japan should have nuclear weapons it never materialized but it's something that the ruling elite has been pondering for years now and non-pacifist japan that let alone a nuclear power would send shock waves across the region say experts but for now even with nationalist voices getting louder polls suggest that such ideas are still some way from becoming reality let's see russia c.r.t. reporting from japan. offering just over half an hour from now here not
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international now to save new orleans from the cycle of violence it has suffered for decades it is of activists and local residents are right here next on after the break. what a country experience is a tragedy like the recent terrorism in volgograd there question is what to do about it i mean we have to do something right let's never let a good tragedy go to waste one do remember recommends getting rid of the moratorium on the death penalty for prayers groups including terrorists because the death penalty is the perfect way to punish a suicide bomber also this duma member failed to mention high level corrupt the krauts in the government as those who could possibly face the firing squad perhaps
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that was just an honest oversight i'm not against the death penalty in some rare instances but punishing terrorists after the fact doesn't. victims back the focus needs to be on the source of terrorism soldiers can play around all day with weapons because the government gives them a salary weapons and training some people are recruiting arming and training new terrorists you don't need to usher in a massive surveillance state to stop terrorism or go death tell the crazy what you need do is hit the funding and training source hard if you can i mean how many of you guys out there could make remotely detonated bomb a c. for our girl without help almost none of you see for doesn't grow on trees someone pays for it but that's just my opinion. as part of their mission to transform the state juvenile justice system j. g.p.l. hold fears to educate young people about how the law can affect the lives and number of national studies have looked at the fact that when you take
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a child away from their community you take them out of school you take them away from any support system they're often housed in inhumane or brutal conditions rarely get adequate education or treatment you're disrupting their lives without actually providing them with any positive interventions are positive supports and so what happens is that upon release there are even less prepared to deal with the sidey too often with time in jail in the criminal record many youth find it hard to finish school or to find employers that will hire them. one block away from the prison is liberty's kitchen an organization dedicated to helping at risk youth right now mobile restore i'm sorry to scream i pad but i'm going to do a lot of.


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